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Calorie Shaper Fat-Burning Shorts

Calorie Shaper Fat-Burning Shorts

MX Calorie Shaper shorts help burn extra calories…

A Japanese company is now selling calorie-reducing clothing that helps the wearer burn more fat by making the body work harder when it moves.

The MX Calorie Shaper under-shorts feature a honeycomb structure that has a greater resistance to movement. This less-flexible material forces the body to exert more energy when moving, thus burning more calories.

Manufacturers of the Calorie Shaper, -based Goldwin company, claim that just 90 minutes walking per day whilst wearing the shorts, is sufficient to lose 210 kilocalories per week; roughly the same as half a liter of beer.

calorie shaper fat burning short 300x187 Calorie Shaper Fat Burning Shorts

Calorie Shaper Undershorts

The shorts are currently available on line priced between $30 to $38 a pair. They come in two versions, one for training, and a subtle slimed down version for daily-life.

Unfortunately Google Translate version of the Calorie Shaper site is not great, but Cnet writer Amanda Kooser notes a rather clear disclaimer stating that, “there are individual differences in effect.

Goldwin also note that the user must accomplish a certain amount of physical activity each day for the shorts to have any effects… But surely anyone maintaining any level of physical activity daily would stand to lose weight, whether wearing the shorts or not?

Nevertheless the promotional video has some excellent comedy value.

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