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Boost Exercise Motivation

Boost Exercise Motivation

Increase your exercise motivation to incorporate your workout routine into your life and keep it there.

If you are doing something that you do not enjoy, time seems to move slow. You will lose motivation to continue and not perform as well. Many feel this way about exercise, so it is imperative that you maintain and boost your motivation. You will see an increase in performance and enjoyment.

Day after day, working out can feel like a drill. Somehow fit people around the world are able to summon the motivation and commitment. Here are some tricks and tips on how to boost and maintain motivation.

You would never skip a meeting with a friend or for business, so dont skip your appointment with yourself at the gym!

Keep Your Gear in Sight

As the old saying goes, out of sight, out of mind. The first things you should see should be your fitness gear in plain sight. These will serve as visual cues and are a wake-up call to your brain. We all have competing priorities like work, family, chores. Sometimes we need a reminder to keep exercise at the forefront. If you dont have the space to display your gear or it just doesnt seem to match your home decor, choose just one or two main locations that youll never miss. Pick places where you spend a lot of time and can use the equipment, like by the TV or the phone.

workout at home Boost Exercise Motivation

Workout At Home

Just because you are displaying your fitness gear, do not forget to clean your gear!

Add Fitness To Routine

When possible add fitness to your daily routines. Dont rely on conveniences. Instead of driving to they gym, run or bike. If you have the option, take the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator. Running, walking, or biking somewhere you have to go anyway makes exercise feel time-efficient. This keeps your schedule from being disected to fit in your fitness. It is an effective strategy for people who are busy from morning to night.

take the stairs 550x273 Boost Exercise Motivation

Take The Stairs

Your logistics may be a bit more complex if you drive to work or dont have good public transportation at your disposal but in many cases exploring Bangkok by foot is much quicker than driving or taking a taxi. Maybe you can carpool in the morning or park your car a mile from the office and speed walk the distance to and from your job.

In the mornings and evenings it is much cooler so you can also take advantage of the comforts at those times.

If you dont have a safe place at work to stash your stuff, invest in a lightweight backpack with waist and chest straps or swap your purse for a fanny pack on days that you plan to run home.

Wear Comfortable Fitness Clothes

Many dont want to spend the money or do not see the importance in wearing comfortable fitness clothes. Fitness clothes are designed to help you move and feel comfortable. In addition, the colors, style, and words on the shirt will help motivate you as well. Think about how you feel when you are wearing a pair of new shoes, comfortable jeans or a new dress. The same will happen when you wear fitness clothes.

Fitness clothes reinforces your identity as an exerciser. When exercising is an integral part of your identity, it isnt optional anymore. Its just part of your life (plus, youve got to wear those adorable new workout clothes somewhere and show it off as you make your way to the gym).

look good feel good 550x273 Boost Exercise Motivation

Look Good Feel Good

Stock up on at least a weeks worth of gym outfits to eliminate any last-minute hand washing in the sink. Think of it as spending now to save yourself grief later. You may want to get several of the same tops and bottoms. Theres no time-consuming decision making that way. Look for basics that are comfy and show off your assets whether thats your shoulders or your abs so you feel good just suiting up.

Track Your Workout

Medical studies have shown when people their exercise routines on Facebook, boost morale, friendship and motivation. Many found when they stopped posting, people would chastise them or encourage them to get back into the gym.

fitness social networks 550x273 Boost Exercise Motivation

Fitness Social Networks

Social networking sites like Facebook and DailyMile offer an extra layer of social support. Youve got potentially all of your online contacts holding you accountable. Choose a social platform or online fitness tool there are many to choose from. Then get in the habit of chronicling your progress after your workout every day so that your friends know when you usually exercise and when youve slacked off.

Gadgets and Tech Gear

Technology is integrating in our lives in many ways. Fitness has seen its boost of technology as well. Equipment that allows you to monitor your progress such as heart rate monitors, pedometers and the Nike + Sports Kit (which monitors pace and distance) can help. Research by the Walking the Way to Health Initiative found that people who wore pedometers over a 12-week period ended up walking an extra 1,000 steps daily.

fitness tech 550x292 Boost Exercise Motivation

Fitness Technology

Nike Fuel Band is one of the most popular fitness technology.

Many automatically post to Facebook and social websites. You can easily view and share your progress. If you count calories (and it’s really one of the most effective ways to lose weight), you know that the more you exercise, the more calories you burn — and the bigger your calorie deficit.

Involve Your Causes

Use your local causes and community you are involved in to motivate you. Everyday you complete at the gym, donate a $1 to a local orphanage. Take it a step further and everyday you do not go, donate it to friend. Losing $10 will push yourself harder. Personally we like the idea of donating to a local cause. Donating to the handicap school will help you be aware of how lucky you are to have your health and body.

charity workout 550x273 Boost Exercise Motivation

Charity Workout

Pledge to give a minimum of $5 to a charity or an individual you like if you meet your goal or to one you dislike if you fall short. Sign up to raise money for a charity in the area there are many that will appreciate your kindness.

Recently we participated in Habitat For Humanity in Thailand and I can confirm this is a rewarding day of exercise. Meet others, make a difference, and add challenge to your routine.

Make Friends at the Gym

Phoenix Gym is a close knit group of international members from the Nichada area. When you walk in they will motivate you and have you looking forward to going to the gym. If you miss a day, they wont let you forget it. Our members have become a part of our extended gym family.

workout buddy 550x273 Boost Exercise Motivation

Workout Buddy

Its smart time management. You get your social fix while doing physical activity. Both boost health, and the better you feel, the likelier you are to want to exercise.

Some classes foster friendships more than others. Group classes can be scheduled or you can have an informal meetup at the gym. Joining a Muay Thai Gym or MMA Course your meet a close group of friends that will boost your motivation.

Create Exercise Contest

From The Biggest Loser, many are using their friends to create a fun, but sweaty battle to see who can diet and exercise off the most weight. Every six weeks, call the winner. Put some money at stake to boost motivation. However, the bragging rights might have a bigger impact.

competition 550x273 Boost Exercise Motivation


Competition turns a solitary pursuit into a fun group one. By trying to beat each other, youre actually pulling each other along. Even playful heckling validates that youre working toward a similar goal.

The contest can be for anything: most kicks, most hours logged at the gym, fight to become the gym mayor on FourSquare, highest percentage of body weight lost.

Aim for anywhere from four to 10 participants. Fewer than that, and one person whos not really trying can hobble the group. More than that, and its hard for everyone to interact. To keep group members engaged, limit the competition to six-week rounds and have weekly check-ins, when people put money in the jar. Your incentive is regularly refreshed in your mind that way. Once everyone has agreed to the rules, let the games begin!

Listen to Music

There is no denying the power of music. You will even see famous athletes before an match with white earbuds in their ear. High energy music will fuel you and increase your performance. Create a playlist that is to the length of your workout and challenge yourself to make it through the entire list.

workout headphones 550x273 Boost Exercise Motivation

Workout Headphones

The Bose SIE2i Sport Headphones are rated as one of the best workout headphones, and coming from Bose you can guarantee superb audio quality.

Sculpt The Perfect Body

When you exercise you will see an increase in energy. Ride that rush to complete the workout. You will become addicted to it and enjoy the benefits from it. Patients are encouraged to have a workout routine prior to their plastic surgery as well as after surgery. It helps to build a body that is beautiful longterm!

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