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Copper Enhanced Anti-Aging Fabrics

Copper Enhanced Anti-Aging Fabrics

Body shaping clothing enhances skin using copper enhanced Cupron fabric…

A new line of clothing claims to combat the effects of aging on skin by infusing copper in the fabrics.

Cassandco the company behind the new garments, claim that its Cass’ Wear Repair anti-aging clothing help improve the look of skin tones and texture, restore the healthy glow appearance of the skin.

The clothing line also helps shape the body to enhance the figure, and is available in a range of tops, t-shirts, body suits, leggings, shorts, and dresses.

cass wear repair anti aging copper enhanced clothing 550x249 Copper Enhanced Anti Aging Fabrics

Anti-Aging Copper Enhanced Clothing

The company also claims that the antibacterial properties of the fabric help protect outer garments – since many of the items are designed to be worn underneath regular clothing.

The fabric used to the make the items, known as Cupron, contains 66 percent copper, which is said to have health benefits on the skin. Several studies into the effects of copper enhance fabrics on the skin have been conducted, and while the results are positive, completely conclusive has been confirmed.

Cass Wear Repair clothing costs between 25 and 150 dollars depending on the item, and is available from the company’s online store.

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