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19 Of The Worst Human Growths Ever

19 Of The Worst Human Growths Ever

The worst human growths ever documented...

Stories and legends fill history of aliens, big foot, and super-humans. Most times we ignore these stories, and leave it just as that. It is a story. However, if you look into stories and legends you can find that it can often be compared to actual human conditions. Albeit it is often an over-exaggeration, but when you are unable to explain something or lacked of words to convey what you see – legends are helpful tools.

People that are different are often ridiculed and ostracized – if they are lucky. Worse, they are harmed, killed, or tortured. Today modern science is helping us better understand rare conditions. Many can be treated or prevented allowing those who were once isolated, to be apart of society once again. Also, by exploring genetics we can study the full potential of the human body.

Man of these conditions are beyond belief and we have comprised this list to bring to light these rare conditions. Although many will find the photos frightening and unsettling, we think it is important to help bring these conditions and the people that suffer from it to help make more people aware.

1. 16 Pound Face Tumor

16 Pound Face Tumor

In 2005, a Haitian teen in Miami underwent 16 hours of surgery to remove a 16-pound tumor from her face. The tumor had become so large that obstructed her airways and had to removed so she could breath.

The girl suffers from rare form of Polyostotic Fibrous Dysplasia; a nonhereditary, genetic disease that causes bone to become “like a big a bowl of jelly with some bone inside,” said Dr. Jesus Gomez of University of Miami School of Medicine.

2. Baby With 16 Toes

Baby With 16 Toes

In November 2008 a baby boy was born with 16 toes. He also has 5 fingers on each hand but no thumbs. The Chinese baby suffers from a condition called Polydactylism. His family says they plan to have the extra digits surgically removed.

3. Huge Leg Tumor

Huge Leg Tumor Chen Zongtao

Chen Zongtao has a 154 pounds tumor on his right leg. He has suffered for years with the growth because he is unable to afford the surgery to remove it.

4. Dede Tree Man

Dede Tree Man

Dede the Tree Man’s plight has been highly documented. Sufferingfrom what is thought to be a strain of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), Dede’s whole body is covered in large wart-like growths. Doctors have tried to removed Dede’s warts, but they keep growing back.

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5. Fibroma


Fibroma is a skin disease involving connective-tissue new growth. Small pea to egg-sized or larger, soft or firm, round or flattened, painless tumors beneath the skin begin to grow, in worst cases the tumors can spread all over the body.

6. Foot Growing In Brain

Foot Growing In Brain

When Sam Esquibel was just three months old, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. When doctors removed the tumor they found it contained a tiny foot, as well as other partially formed body parts. A rare condition known as Fetus in Fetu.

7. Giant Kidney Stone

Giant Kidney Stone

Surgeons in Hungary shocked to find a patient had developed a 2.5 pound kidney stone roughly the size of a coconut.

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8. Huge Neck Tumor

Huge Neck Tumor

Huang Liqian, 58, first discovered a bizarre growth on the back of his neck in 1990. After ignoring the growth for 17 years, it developed into a 33 pound tumor. In 2007, he finally had surgery to remove it.

9. Huge Lip Tumor

Huge Lip Tumor

This 8-year-old girl from China suffers from a large tumor in her lower lip. She was born with the tumor and it has been left to grow as her family can not afford the surgery to remove it.

10. Humans With Horns

Humans With Horns

Often thought to be a myth, cases of humans with “horns” has now been documented. These cutaneous horns, also called cornu cutaneum are actually skin lesions, which cone-shaped protuberances grow from, creating the appearance of a horn.

11. Man With No Face

Man With No Face

Jose Mestre suffers from haemangioma, a condition that causes abnormalities in the capillaries and veins in his face. Where the blood has collect in his face, Jose has developed huge tumors that he refused to have removed because he is a Jehovah’s Witness.

12. Huge Face Tumor

Huge Face Tumor

Huang Chuncai suffers from a rare genetic disorder of the nervous system called Neurofibromatosis. The disease developed when he was four, he has since had two operations to remove one 25 pound tumor and another 33 pound tumor.

13. Baby Born With Two Faces

Baby Born With Two Faces

In March earlier this year in a small suburb of Delhi, India, a baby girl was born with two faces bearing four eyes, two noses, two mouths and three cheeks, one of which has a dimple.

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14. Massive Hand

Massive Hand - Worst Human Growths

The man with the largest hand in the world underwent a seven-hour surgery in Shanghai to reduce it and make it functional. Before the surgery, his left thumb was 10.2 inches long and his index finger measured close to 12 inches.

15. People With Tails

People With Tails

Another condition believed to be a myth, there are a several documented cases of people with tails.

16. Tree Growing In Lungs

Tree Growing In Lungs

A Russian man who had been complaining about coughing up blood was found to have a 5cm spruce tree growing in his lungs. Because the tree was to big to have been inhaled accidentally, doctor assume he inhaled a seed which must of grown in his lung.

17. Werewolf Child

Werewolf Child

Currently being documented on Discovery Channel, these Real Werewolf Children suffer from Hypertrichosis, a medical condition which causes excessive hair growth.

Congenital Hypertrichosis is extremely rare and those who suffer from it are often called human werewolves.

18. Chinese Baby Born With Second Penis

Chinese Baby Born With Second Penis

In an extremely rare case of fetus in fetu, a Chinese baby was born with a second penis on his back.

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19. Octopus Girl

Lakshmi Octopus Girl

Lakshmi Tatma was born with a headless conjoined twin. Together they shared 8 limbs but fought for oxygen and nutrition. After the conjoined twin was removed Lakshmi underwent further surgery to remove her extra limbs.

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  1. It’s freaking me out! I hope they get cured!

  2. Why are they all asian?

    • I agree why are all of them from another country? is it because there are little to no vaccanations over there?

    • Because 1: lack of treatment in 3rd world countries, and

      2: There’s BILLIONS of Asians, so there is a statistically higher¬†probability¬†that something will go wrong, based on the fact that Asians are the majority ethnic group.

    • I believe these are the problems caused by inbreeding.

      • Yeah, and you have no evidence at all to support that claim beyond your own apparent bigotry towards other peoples. Lack of medical care is the probable cause. Most cultures have taboos against inbreeding regardless of your “scientific” reasoning.

        • I think you wil find that it is inbreeding ,these people marry within the family ,marrying ,first cousins is classed as norm .

    • Inbreeding doesn’t usually actually cause physical deformations of this magnitude. Most often, inbreeding will create a perfectly healthy baby, but may result in a terminated pregnancy, or some form of mental retardation– and of course, mild deformations are also possible. Many of these diseases are exacerbated (if not caused) by unsanitary environmental conditions. In many parts of Asia bio-hazard medical waste lies in the streets; radioactive materials are disposed of near drinking water sources, or near farm land; industrial chemicals are leaked directly into the sea, very near the shore, and these are cultures that depend heavily on fish. If you’re concerned about cancer due to the amount of mercury in American fish, look at what these poor people have to deal with.

  3. InfernoStar says:

    The ry phyusical ones like the growths and tumors make me very sad…

  4. This could also be a result of some of the determinants of health; economics, demographics; many of these individuals lack the financial means to take early medical action. You health mostly depends on where you were born, financial status of your parents/relatives; education and knowledge. Education is so very important;it helps you improve your life and lives of others too.

  5. Jessica says:

    I Loved the octopus baby!

  6. Gregory Heffley says:

    This could  be a result of some of the determinants of health; economics, demographics; many of these individuals lack the financial means to take early medical action. You health mostly depends on where you were born, financial status of your parents/relatives; education and knowledge

  7. Gregory Heffley says:

    I Liked the octopus baby!

  8. nice racest says:

    I think that the poster of the pics is nice because he/she want to get the word out that it might be possible to cure these people.

  9. I want to know, how in the world does a tree grow without sunlight?

  10. Jessica R. says:

    Bob, they’re not all Asians!!!!!!

  11. So…the baby with a penis in his back has a bladder in his back too?

  12. And still people believe in God…

    • EmpatheticGirl says:

      Some tests are greater than others. The greater the test, the greater the reward. Where is justice? Justice – recompense – is in the next life.

  13. pratik aher says:

    these is the shokeing picture but is the geneticaly factor affected on body, so possitive thinking &  best of luck for your life.

  14. I am really saddened by seeing these picture. I cry to god to help them survive  , help them recover , help them face the world . God please cure them and help their families to support them and love them with no hesitation

  15. Alexander says:

    God, help them.

    • sittingbytheriver says:

      if there is a god, and i don’t believe there is, he is the one responsible for their condition in the first place. and don’t go on about man causing evil or satan, if God is truly all-powerful, then he is ALL-responsible as well.

      • Banana_Justice says:

        Believe what you will, but your logic is immature to say the least. If you don’t believe in God, then there is zero reason for you to cover your bases just in case he does exist. So there’s another internal reason why you make the statements about God. And then, why should God be “ALL-responsible” for your bad decisions? Please at least try to make a logical argument for your positions rather than just throw out thoughts that reflect your frustration – thinking they are somehow on solid ground when they’re not.

        • BOMBA777 says:

          Religion was created to control the ignorant masses thousands of years ago when most people had no education, they had the intellect of today’s average 5 year old. So what does that say about you. Most of the greatest minds, this planets most intelligent people have no belief in religion, again, what does that say about you. I actually pity you because you will never be free, forever shackled by the man-made chains of religious rules.

          • Banana_Justice says:

            No, you don’t pity me. You desire to say something that will make you think that you appear to be smarter than me, but you haven’t been able to.

      • EmpatheticGirl says:

        Some tests are greater than others. The greater the test, the greater the reward. Where is justice? Justice – recompense – is in the next life.

      • Aliel The Heretic says:

        Even if God does exist, logic dictates that in no way can he be more responsible for these malformations than we can blame the parents for.

        Much of the time, radiation from the sun damages cells, which pass on damaged DNA, which eventually leads to this stuff.

        The parent can even sometimes be blamed, as mothers and fathers may work around lead and other harmful chemicals, leading to such things.

        What it sounds like is that you once believed in God, decided to blame him for every bad thing that happens in this world, and then created your own “religious” explanation as to why God does not exist.

      • Friska Streeter says:

        Just because God is ALL doesn’t mean He/She will make everything perfect. We are humans, we are NOT meant to be perfect, this is earth, this is a place where we supposed to have human experience and learn from it, that includes poverty, suffering, imperfection, death. When parents love their kids, they also let the kids make mistake, experience world on their own, because that is the only way to learn. God makes them this way for a purpose. Maybe they are placed here on earth to bring out the compassion and gratefulness in others, or to learn others not to look at their imperfection, but their souls. Everyone plays a role in this universe, and so these unfortunate people. We are all here together to experience humanity. God exists, you look out in nature, everything is perfectly designed, which means there must be an intelligent designer somewhere. There’s a beginning, so there must be a creator. You are the universe. God is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent. The space between the cells in your body, there’s God, or you and your loved ones, God is there too. The universe resides in you, you are a part of this vast creation of God. I used to be like you too, but after extensively searching for answer, I finally realized just because you can’t comprehend it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. In science, quantum physics is probably the closest answer that can explain universe secret. Can you imagine if we get ALL the answer, our brain will probably melt. It’s like computer malfunction when receives too many data. ^_^

        • I believe God is very real… the trials and tribulations that we experience here on earth are not obstacles but are a learning curve we have yet to figure out. Thank goodness we are all different because this would be a very boring planet if we all looked alike. Religion is family based i think, what ever your families religion is is basically what yours is. Personally I do not believe we have to be in a CHURCH to commune with GOD. I think you can go sit outside under a tree and GOD will still listen to you and hear you. No I do not belong to a Church, and my family is Roman Catholic. So go outside , sit under a tree, and thank GOD for what ever you have going for you in your life. These poor disfigured people I will bet have large amounts of faith. And that makes them BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  16. Jenelle Henry says:

    this is really sad man, to the point I hug my child tighter everyday.

    • Jenelle, we did a volunteer project at a special needs orphanage with some Westerns who were generous to spend a day teaching and having fun with the children. At the end of the event all of the young adults agreed, “I don’t care if my child is smart, handsome, or successful; but I pray that they are born healthy.”

  17. glorysurgery says:

    Very difficult to watch this but you can see how the human body can change so much.

  18. Jahbari Akua says:

    So you see a list of 19 suffering people, and you fools start arguing about god? This is why I don’t like the internet. Let the religious be religious and let the atheists be atheists.

  19. captain america says:

    Yes he can and is. The wildcard you are failing to acknowledge is your free will.

  20. Yes, there is a God, and I believe He creates humans with these deformities so that we can learn to be more compassionate to those less fortunate than ourselves.

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